*two episodes in* *changes phone background* *makes cosplay plans*

D e a t h  &  R e b i r t h


youre gonna look so goddamn cool



I did mention that I’m a sucker for good splices right

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25 More Insane and Amazing Pokemon Fusions

The magical art of Pokemon Fusions has been going on for more than a year now - and over that year, we’ve brought you three collections of 25 of the best pieces of Pokemon Fusion fan art on the internet (Part 1Part 2Part 3). Now we finally bring our tally to 100 with 25 more of the most delightful, horrifying, and incredible Pokemon combinations out there.

We are determined to literally catch ‘em all. To see more of our favorite fusions, click here!


This was drawn and finished all in one day, and was definitely really tough! I was cutting it close to my deadline to order my prints, so this was the last one I finished before I emailed off all of the files. I wanted to do something for the Zaibatsu as they were going to be attending the convention as well, and they are some of my favourite youtubers!

TO MY SURPRISE, they actually stopped by my booth and picked up a copy of the print! I was all teary eyed because when I draw fan art, I never expect the person who I’m drawing it of to actually see the piece, let alone buy it. They were all so happy about it, and we took pictures together, it was amazing and definitely an experience I will never forget!

The image is of them cosplaying as the cast from a game they played, Killer is Dead. I didn’t know about this game until they played it, and I actually went out and got it right after because I loved it so much. It’s SUCH a cool game, and I highly recommend it! They were thrilled that I drew them like this as well, and I hope you all enjoy it too!!

I actually sold out of this print shortly after ;~;! It was the first time I sold out of anything! AND THEY WERE SO FRIENDLY! When we bumped into each other a few times after, we said hello and waved and ahhh it’s just so cool! I think I look really spaced out because I couldn’t believe what was happening, haha!